A-ilios Ltd was founded by Theodorakis Family in 2006 at Heraklion, Crete, investing in 20 photovoltaic stations.

Its main activities are the design and construction of energy infrastructures and power plants from photovoltaic, solar thermal and wind power plants.

Being one of the oldest companies in Greece, it has carried out studies and undertakes the construction of energy facilities in Crete,Peloponnese and Thessaly that exceed 23MW in photovoltaic and 14MW in solar thermal plants. Its experience and capabilities have led to the design and construction of photovoltaic installations in Turkey.

The industrial design department has helped design and manufacture non-commercial parts from the outset. This integrated production leads to personalized coverage of any need that arises. Innovation in the company's philosophy has also led to improvements in components from other companies, leading to a reduction in the cost of maintaining and building many facilities.

After installation, collaboration in the field of production monitoring and proactive maintenance has resulted in the availability of 98% of the good operation of the stations, including the MV network.


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